Medical Benefits

Employees are eligible as of the date of hire. Benefits will begin on the 1st of the month based on the number of hours worked in a prior month. These benefits are provided by our trusted partner, InnerCenters Providers. These services will include:

Preventive Wellness: 6 per calendar year- wellness visits can be completed anytime during the calendar year.

COVID Test nasal PCR- Members are allowed six nasal PCR COVID tests.

COVID Rapid Test (15 minutes)- members are allowed six nasal PCR COVID repaid tests.

COVID Follow-Up Visits- Members are allowed six follow up after Covid Test results

IGG Antibiotics- Members are allowed two blood work visits per calendar year.  

Urgent Care Visits- Members are allowed six visits for Urgent Care. 

Teladoc Visits- Members are allowed ten telehealth visits. The doctor on call can be reached at (718) 395-8994.

Lab Work Only- Members are allowed six blood work visits.

Pre-employment Visit (TB-Gold)- members are allowed one visit per calendar year, including Initial Physical Examination, blood work for Rubella/Rubeols, TB Gold, Drug screening (urine test), and X-Ray.