Advantage Home Care & Magic Hands Physical Therapy: A Healing Partnership

When it comes to comprehensive care, Advantage Home Care has consistently set the benchmark. Broadening our horizon, we are elated to announce our partnership with Magic Hands Physical Therapy. This collaboration means not just extending our services but bringing specialized physical therapy treatments right to your doorstep.

Holistic Physical Therapy Services for Optimal Health

1. Manual Therapy and Massage: Experience the transformative power of touch with our manual therapy and massage treatments. Under the expert hands of Magic Hands therapists, tight muscles are relaxed, circulation is improved, and pain is alleviated, aiding in quicker recovery and enhancing mobility.

2. Soft Tissue Mobilization: Targeting the layers of muscles, fascia, and other tissues, our soft tissue mobilization techniques promote healing, reduce scar tissue, and improve range of motion. Each session is carefully calibrated to address individual patient needs.

3. Revolutionary Cold Laser and Infrared Treatments: Harnessing the power of light, our cold laser and infrared treatments accelerate cellular repair, reduce inflammation, and provide pain relief, ensuring a non-invasive approach to deep-seated issues.

4. Ultrasound Treatments and Phonophoresis: Using sound waves, our ultrasound treatments promote tissue healing, while phonophoresis enables anti-inflammatory drugs to be delivered directly to the affected areas, enhancing their effectiveness.

5. Electrical Neuro-muscular Stimulation and Iontophoresis: Targeting muscles and nerves, our electrical stimulation therapies alleviate pain, improve muscle strength, and expedite healing. Complementing this, iontophoresis uses electric currents to administer medication without needles.

6. Heat and Cryotherapy Application: Whether it’s the penetrating warmth of heat therapy or the soothing coolness of cryotherapy, our applications are designed to reduce muscle spasms, enhance blood flow, and alleviate pain.

Why Choose Our Joint Physical Therapy Services?

Our alliance with Magic Hands Physical Therapy is a testament to our commitment to holistic health. Here’s why this partnership benefits you:

– Expertise & Experience: Magic Hands Physical Therapy brings years of expertise, ensuring you receive top-tier care.

– Convenience: No need for tiring commutes. Get professional physical therapy services in the comfort of your home.

– Customized Treatment Plans: Recognizing that every individual’s needs are unique, our treatments are tailored to provide the best results.


At Advantage Home Care, we’re constantly innovating to deliver exceptional care. Our partnership with Magic Hands Physical Therapy ensures that residents receive the pinnacle of physical therapy services. Invest in your health and experience the magic of professional care.


Shot of a friendly physiotherapist treating his mature patient in a rehabilitation center